Secrets for Success

Solutions to The Obstacles Holding You Back

WHAT THE HEALTH?! AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW??  This is one of our FAVORITE things – SOLUTIONS to your obstacles!  We love it when there are some tangible ways we can make significant changes in our lives. Don’t you?? This episode is full of honest and realistic solutions to help you finally crush the…

What’s Holding You Back? Obstacles that Keep You Stuck

  WHAT THE HEALTH?! IS THE REASON I CAN NEVER SEEM TO MAKE ANY REAL PROGRESS OR CHANGE?    The inability to move forward and make changes in health (or any area of life) are more common than you think. We have all struggled at one point with this. In this episode, we explain and…

Intermittent Fasting

What the Health is up with Intermittent Fasting? Is it for you or just another fad diet? Tune in to learn more and if it can work for you. Click here for more info and for a FREE smoothie recipe. Check out this episode!

Joshua Reyes, Spa Owner, Massage Instructor, and Podcaster

In this episode, Kim interviews Josh on his story on how he survived a near death experience that ultimately lead him to opening Revival Float Spa to have a positive impact of his community. Josh is also the creator of Be You, Only Better! (BYOB) Audio and co-creator of What the Health Podcast.  Follow Josh…

Getting to Know Kim; Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Author

In this episode, Kim shares her story of how she discovered fitness and nutrition were her passions that helped her overcome her struggles. With 28 years of experience, Kim is a published author and has successfully helped thousands of people on their journey to healthier lives and has published two books. How to Eat Pie…

Good In, Good Out

This episode dives into mental wellness, nutrition, and fitness in a fun, yet educational way. We explore the top three recommendations for each category which will be an outline of the topics our podcast will cover.  Get your FREE Smoothie recipe here.     Check out this episode!