After being blessed with excellent health my entire life, I suddenly came to the realization that I was going to have to make some changes. This epiphany came when my blood pressure started ticking upwards. Eating whatever I wanted and not paying attention to nutrition labels was no longer an option! “An Apple a Day” magazine was lying around at work, and within those pages was the precious pearl that helped me to develop the new habits that I still practice today.

The “Cooking With Kim” classes were amazing! Following our first session, my sister-in-law and I became regular attendees. Kim provided us with so much great information, we took notes, photos of products, and sometimes even videos of various techniques that would help us in replicating these delicious meals. However, there was much more to these classes than cooking. Kim shared time-saving food prep ideas, how to maximize nutrient density in meals without sacrificing flavor and always included the “why” behind using certain spices and ingredients. Every meal was artfully presented. Kim also demonstrated quite effectively that healthy eating does not mean skimpy meals! You can be full, feel great and know that you are taking care of you!

Kim is an inspiration to all who attended her classes, a wealth of information and a blessing to all who know her!

Here’s to your health Kim…and mine 🙂

Angela Herrington

I sought Kim’s advice on a healthier lifestyle because I was tired of the yo-yo diets I’ve used in the past that work for a while, but once you quit, you gain the weight back. Kim’s plan for me works because I can choose to follow the plan and see results.  It’s not just about eating, but about changing habits.

What I like about Kim’s plan for me is just that—it is a plan customized to my body type, my challenges, and my habits. It is not a one-plan-fits-all.

Kim is so passionate that she makes you want to succeed.  She’s the best!

Mary H.

For years I had seen Kim in the grocery store and on the back of a monthly mailer magazine that I received in the mail! So before I pursued her services I knew she was a fitness expert!

One afternoon as I watch my youngest play on a playground with other four-year-olds, another mom and I sparked up a conversation. She promoted Get Fit with Kim! She was going to a cooking class in the next couple of days and told of her excitement!

This lady had a lot of health issues so she had sought out Kim’s services to get back in balance with her nutrition! As I stood there listening, my interest increased! I did want to know more about nutrition. At that current time I had injured or re-injured an injury in my knee. So I wasn’t in my prime and needed a little push in a different direction. So I accessed her website, looked at the upcoming classes and started with a grocery store class, which turned into sessions of exercise, and nutrition classes. I have learned a lot from Kim and moreover gained a sister in Christ!

Kim’s training is exceptionally tailored to your specific needs and definitely looks at each person as a new adventure! She recognizes we are all different and have different needs with all levels of strengths and weaknesses! She is confident in what works and has experience with knowing to not get sidetracked with distractions that get you off course. She has lived out much of what she teaches which makes everything she says very relatable.

She has many witty and clever ways to attack the imbalances of a mind set on past failures. The wisdom she has gained from the Holy Spirit is powerful and has propelled her into a whole new regimen. She certainly has much to offer! Thanks Kim! You added to the chapters of my life much nourishment!

Mariah Coy

In February of 2017, my knee Doctor informed me that I needed to loss approximately 45 pounds in approximately three and a half months if I wanted to have a successful knee replacement. I thought that I could accomplish this goal on my own. Two weeks later, I came to the realization that I needed help accomplishing my goal. Enter Kim Clinkenbeard. After a telephone conversation in which she told me that she only wanted to take me on as a client if I was serious about obtaining my goal and was willing to follow her program. Due to the amount of knee pain I’d been experiencing, I had to do something that would help me meet my personal goals.

As Kim described her plan, it became obvious that she was going to be responsive and supportive of my needs, but I was going to have to change not only my eating habits, but also my ideas concerning exercise and lifestyle. She was always responsive to questions by call or texts. The diet program started with me providing Kim with a detail timeline of everything I did and ate for a three day period of time. This included pictures of everything I put in my mouth. Once she had the background of my lifestyle and eating habits, the program started with a trip to the grocery where I was informed of the dos and don’ts of buying healthy food. Kim then gave me a detailed daily menu of the types of food by meal that she wanted me eating. This process was also monitored by photos of everything going into my mouth. Since my job requires that I eat in restaurants with clients daily, complying with Kim’s diet plan was going to be difficult. She had a process, in which she committed to review my menu selections and respond by text prior my having to order in these cases. Similar to other programs, Kim realizes that at times you’re surrounding and tastes sometime prohibit staying on the diet plan. When these events happened, Kim was quick to recommend ways to get back with the plan. Again, I must say that Kim was unbelievably responsive.

Kim convinced me that no matter how much I exercised it would not have a significant effect on my weight loss program. I need to be healthy, but to burn enough calories to loss significant amount weight quickly was impossible. To this extent Kim helped me develop a swimming problem that would address the conditioning of my leg muscles to reduce the effect of my knee surgery while maintaining my conditioning.
Once my body had adapted to the initial dietary changes, Kim’s week diet menu continued to reduce the calorie intake and accelerate the weight loss. Once again, this process was scheduled and monitored to effect a change in life style not just weight loss.

By the time of my pre-surgery doctor’s appointment arrived I had exceeded my weight loss goal and was well on the way to a new lifestyle path that I continue to try and follow today. My knee replacement was successful and rehab went better than expected due the exercises that Kim had recommended.

Charles Carlson

In 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. What a roller coaster ride that took me on! Treatment included a mastectomy, chemo, dealing with baldness and a 5-year pill that makes your bones ache like crazy!

There are positive things that happen with the Big C such as a closer walk with my friend Jesus Christ. We were friends before cancer but during treatment, we had many serious talks and became closer than ever. Another great thing that happens is meeting new people. I have met many longtime survivors, newly diagnosed folks and new people who just happen to cross my path.

After my hair grew back and doctor appointments became fewer and fewer, I started looking for ways to eat healthier. I heard someone talking about cooking lessons from Kim Clinkenbeard. They told me she gave cooking lessons in her home. This sounded like what I was looking for so I looked at her Facebook page and contacted her by email. I went to her home and expected to learn about a few recipes. Boy was I wrong! I did learn a lot of healthy recipes but I also learned about food and how it is made. I learned all about different oils, milk, eggs and all kinds of spices I had never heard of in my life! I also learned about food that I saw in the grocery store but didn’t know anything about or how to use them. Kim lets you look in her pantry to see what she keeps on hand. I made some major changes to my own pantry which included getting rid of many processed foods. My spice rack exploded with spices that I actually use! I learned which foods to buy, which foods I could make myself and which foods were to be left on the grocery shelf!

I have watched many of Kim’s videos and learn from them as well. A few times I could not make class and sent my husband. He loved that the meals he made were not only healthy but also delicious! Yes, I would recommend Kim to my friends and have done so many times. I once took the members of my book club to her home and she showed us how to cook a healthy Mexican meal. Kim shares her testimony while she cooks. I know the Lord will continue to bless her as she serves him by teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle. I am so very blessed to have met Kim Clinkenbeard.

Kathy Robinson

I met Kim at a bible study that promoted a diet. Kim was very knowledgeable about health and fitness and I needed something to help me get healthier. I love Kim’s cooking classes. She taught me to enjoy cooking, trying new things and how easy it really is to cook with good ingredients. My family had no idea how healthy the foods were for them and they loved the dishes I made. Kim also developed a nutrition plan specifically for me and issues I have with my thyroid. I never felt better and I even lost weight. Kim has really changed the way I think about food and I refer people to her every chance I get.

Janette Midkiff

Thank you so much for your training and nutrition help through all of this! You helped Brooklyn look so good! I don’t understand all of it but it worked! If any of you want to get fit, call Kim! She changed Brooklyn’s body with 30-minute workouts and nutrition! Those arms though! Wow! Kim Cates Clinkenbeard your training and nutrition help through this process has made amazing changes to Brooklyn Patterson’s physique! Her arms and back are amazing and her legs…well it’s just phenomenal! You pushed her and kept her on track and I believe she has made healthy habits that will carry her throughout her life! Also, your true care and mentoring in all aspects has been a true blessing! Thank you so very, very much ❤️

Julie Patterson (a.k.a. Brooklyn’s mom)

I like to share my struggles – hits and misses – so others will hopefully be helped. All of my life, I have struggled with my weight and fitness. Those who don’t, really don’t understand. It’s more than the hunger and fatigue – it’s the repeated failures and the psychological aspect is probably even stronger than the physical. Well, I’m on Day 18 of Training with Kim Cates Clinkenbeard – and have lost 10.8 lbs! What makes this different and special is that I am learning a whole new way to live – so many tips on detoxifying my body and new foods and drinks – plus, the ways to eat so that the nutrition works together with the fitness program. I have struggled on three days, but made it through – Kim is always a text away! She has developed food and smoothie recipes that are tasty and provide nutrients. Plus, the workouts are 30 minutes – very intense – but I can do 30 minutes! And they are doable – not just running or jumping or whatever to wear me out – each and every move is closely monitored to make sure I am engaging the exact muscle, etc. Yesterday, I wore a skirt 2 sizes less than what I’ve been wearing – and it’s only been 18 days! I would encourage anyone struggling with these issues to give Kim a call. I get nothing for referrals, etc. I just know how hard the struggle is – and I thought I had tried everything. Praising God that this is my answer!!!

Cindy Nutter

I began looking for a personal trainer about three months ago. I had been going to the gym on a regular basis, however, I realized that I really needed some more guidance, motivation, and specific instructional workouts. I met Kim through the recommendation of a friend. We all face daily struggles in life, even the simple things such as getting off the floor, getting out of a small bathtub, and most importantly keeping our balance.

Kim is a highly talented fitness trainer with great interpersonal skills. She quickly evaluated the specific needs of mine and created a tailored fitness plan to meet my needs. Kim can also offer tips on healthy food choices that has also helped me.

In the short time that Kim has been working with me, my balance, flexibility, strength, and range of motion have greatly improved. Kim’s great personality and commanding presence make working with her fun and rewarding.

Shawna Foust

I started working with Kim about the middle of October. I asked her to help me lose some weight. She analyzed my diet for three days and then sent me a detailed evaluation of what I was eating and ideas for ways to change it to give me more nutrition but less calories. She sent pictures of alternatives and even sent me a meal plan to follow. I took that information and have been implementing the plan for about a month and a half and currently have lost 15 pounds. I feel awesome and have tons more energy than I did!! I also do not have times in my day when I think I might just fall over from exhaustion. With the help of the information from Kim, I figured out how to eat in ways to keep from having dips in my energy. In the first few weeks, I needed lots of support and texted or called Kim often, but I have pretty much figured it out now and do not require as much support. I also use her video recipes on YouTube all the time. The cornbread is our favorite so far! Thanks Kim for all your help and support!!! My family and I appreciate you so much!!!!!!

Lori Smith

I first met Kim when I attended her healthy cooking classes. Every class not only gave me meal ideas but also focused on teaching me how to get nutrition and health benefits through food. I later asked Kim to help me clean up my diet, lose some weight, and bring my blood work numbers into a “normal” range. The information and counseling I received from Kim has been so helpful. Kim gave me great advice on what foods I needed to take out of my diet and which foods I needed to add. She helped me realize that the easiest way to feel better is to focus on getting my body properly nourished. The weight loss just happened as a result.  I am so glad Kim is now sharing her advice and recipes in a Cookbook.

Jeri Elton

12 pounds down and feeling much better thanks to Get Fit With Kim! Detailed nutrition evaluation, education, accountability, and encouragement (and a little kick in the pants when necessary LOL)! Now, while continuing my healthy eating plan, I’ll start some training and exercise with Kim Cates Clinkenbeard to get me started on a full path to wellness. Let the kickboxing begin!!!

Dianne Zugg

Kim has been the single-most influential person in my fitness career. Without her, I would not even have a fitness career! More than twenty years ago, she pushed me to pursue fitness as more than just a participant. She believed in me when I did not believe in myself. She instilled this confidence in me by encouraging me to learn and helping me to build a strong fitness foundation. Her greatest strength is that she encourages others to truly learn and grow. As evidenced in her wonderful book, she equips each individual with the knowledge and ability to be successful on their food, faith, and fitness journeys.

Since knowing her for over twenty years, I have watched her positively impact so many others’ lives with her spirituality, passion for healthy cooking, and talents as a fitness professional. I am thrilled that others can experience Kim’s expertise by reading her book. She truly has the knowledge, experience, and ability to positively change others’ lives – I am proof!

Julie Allbright, M.Ed.

I have been working out with Kim for six months now! I have really enjoyed learning new things that I did not think I could do or even try for that matter. I have never tried most of the things we do, lol. I have also just learned a lot about myself. I have never had a trainer before. Some of the things that I believe has helped me working with you is that my balance has improved , I can get off the ground or small tub easy now, and seems to be more flexible without hurting so much. I am still reading Kim’s book (almost done), and the book is very inspiring and encouraging. I do enjoying working out and Kim makes it a fun time. Just wanted to say thank you!!

Shawna Foust

Wow! I just want to say thank you for what you do. I went to a wedding this weekend and tried to make good choices, but I did splurge a little. This morning, I got up and made my two smoothies for breakfast and lunch. Bought my fish yesterday for dinner tonight. I don’t feel guilty or deprived. I just prayed over Saturday and moved on. Thanks for giving me the tools I need!

Janette Midkiff

I began working out with Kim to not only try a different workout, but to strengthen some areas in my body that were hurting. After a few weeks of working with Kim, she was showing me that the way I had performed some exercises were hurting me more than helping. She showed me the proper techniques of many exercises and some of the pain I was experiencing began to subside. After 6 months had passed, I decided to have Kim help me with her nutritional plan. This was such a huge help for me. I learned that even though I was eating fairly healthy, some of the foods I was eating were not very good for me in general or for my weight loss quest. I’ve learned that I can substitute certain foods for others and still maintain a healthy diet. She even showed me how to incorporate some of the “not so healthy” foods every once in a while. Kim’s book, Fitness, Food, and Faith, also gives me direction both in diet and using my faith to stay focused. I used to believe I needed to work out 5-6 days a week, 45 minutes to an hour, doing cardio, lifting weights, and group fitness classes. I was tearing up my body and not getting lasting results. With Kim, I have learned to balance exercise and diet while still working and enjoying family. My progress is ongoing, and I will always appreciate Kim for her direction.

Summer Gray

Hi Kim, I just want to say thank you for the email with the tuna salad recipe. I made it for my sister in laws bridal shower and everyone loved it. I even made it for my family and they thought it was YUM-O, so thank you again for all your great recipes you send.

Marisa Troschinetz

I began working with Kim on nutrition and fitness training at the beginning of this year. I gained significant weight during fertility treatments, followed (happily) by pregnancy. I struggled post-birth with losing all of the weight I gained for nearly two years before I contacted Kim. As of the end of February, I have lost 21 plus pounds, and while I have more weight I would like to lose, I feel so good physically that this endeavor will have been worthwhile even if I don’t lose a single pound more. The part that is most amazing to me is that I have had this success without ever counting a single calorie, macro, or point. Rather than giving me a “diet,” Kim is teaching me skills that if maintained will lead to a healthy life without the discomfort of hunger or deprivation that comes with other trendy diets that are marketed. I am excited to see what more I can accomplish in the next 60 days!

Melanie Hollmann