Truth Talk: Is This One Thing Ruining Your Health?

There is something that you may or may not even realize could be impacting your health in a negative way. That something is worry. I come from a long line of worriers. My grandma was always wringing her hands, and she used to worry about everything. Worry can be a learned behavior and may really impact your life and your health. I know that sometimes I have had seasons with worry and it just bred anxiety in me and I could literally feel my heart race, my heart rate just sped up. That can cause some really unnecessary stress.

A lot of times we worry about things that aren’t even actually happening. It is just something that could happen or something that we just have absolutely no control over. For instance, gas prices. I’ve never really understood people worrying about gas prices when there’s literally nothing we can do about it and we have to have gas. I’m just going to buy it anyway. So just check that off the list. Something that I finally realized and came to grips with, was that my worry was more of a trust issue. I was not trusting God with whatever it was I was worrying about. I was trying to either figure out how to fix it myself, trying to rely on someone else to come up with a solution, or letting my circumstances rule my thoughts and my life.

First things first, you’ve got to learn how to trust God and that can be really hard. Start studying the Bible. Get in there deep and study the attributes of God. That really helped me understand God better and also understand that I could trust him. It gave me the confidence to rely on him more and build my faith and be able to trust him with not just the big problems of life, but everything that was coming up and that really helped a lot.

For help focusing on the right things, look up Philippians 4:8. Also, something someone once told me: if I could not change it at all, there was nothing worrying about it was going to accomplish.

Check out my video to learn:

  • Some ways to deal with worry.
  • Questions to ask yourself that will help prioritize your life.

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Photo Credit: Kat Jayne