A Healthy On The Go Snack ~ Video

Hello everyone! I am traveling to give a nutrition seminar today. I am on the go all day, so I thought I would share with you another grocery store find that I use for a healthy on the go snack. It is a fruit and nut bar called Kit’s Organic (made by Cliff Bars). You do not want to get the “regular” Cliff bars because they are full of sugar and lots of preservatives, but these Kit’s Organic Bars I found are not full of preservative, sugar, or fillers.  They are made with just nuts, fruit, and salt. That’s it!

So typically, I don’t recommend eating nuts or dried fruit because most people eat too many of them, they have too many calories, people generally don’t chew up their food well, and most people don’t drink enough water with them. Dried fruit and nuts will not digest well without water. But with this Kit’s Organic Bar, the ingredients are all blended up into a bar, which is great for digestion because the nuts are broken down already for you (although you should still chew your food better!). The other thing I like about this bar is that it’s a little sweet so it satisfies that little afternoon sweet craving I sometimes have. Also, most bars don’t need to be refrigerated so I can toss it into my purse. They are super handy to have and are only 180 calories. I can feel good about it being a healthy snack and not a meal replacement. 

I typically don’t like eating bars as meal replacements because they don’t fill me up, but for a snack, this bar is really good and it keeps my portions in check.

A quick tip with these: while you do not have to refrigerate these Kit’s bars, I like keeping them in the fridge because I personally think that they taste better.

There are other bars out there besides Kit’s Organic Bars, but you want to look for ones that only have a few, simple ingredients. When I read the labels on other bars and see ingredients such as a soil byproduct, soy lecithin or something similar then I always just pass on those types of bars. Even if they’re “organic.”  An organic cookie, it’s still a cookie. So, don’t get fooled by the term “organic” on the labels and think it means the food is automatically healthy.

I pick up these Kit’s Organic Bars at health food stores like Natural Grocers.

I hope you will check out this quick bar for a healthy snack on the go and watch my other videos on a couple more bar options!

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Check out my video and learn:

  • About a healthy on the go snack.
  • Why some “healthy” snacks are not as healthy as they appear.

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