Secrets for Success

Practice What You Preach

I get run over by the wagon, often! In this episode, we have a real discussion about failing, starting again, and having friends in our circle to help us back up.  We hope you get something from our personal stories and struggles that are just like yours! Side bar: We answer whether we have gained…

Everyone ALWAYS Asks These 2 Questions!

  WHAT THE HEALTH?!   Is up with weight and calories?!    The most frequently asked questions: How much should I weigh? How many calories should I eat? Tune in to find out our tips and calculations to understand what’s best for you!   Check out this episode!

Embarrassing Problem No. 2 (Get it?) and IBS

  WHAT THE HEALTH?! I’M CONSTIPATED AT LEAST 4 DAYS OUT OF THE WEEK!!   This is the second MOST COMMON COMPLAINT I hear from people – men and women! It’s a real issue, not only for our comfort but also for our health.  Do you suffer from Constipation &/or IBS at least once a…

Embarrassing Problem #1: Peeing Your Pants a little?!

  WHAT THE HEALTH?! IS UP WITH PEEING WHEN I LAUGH, JUMP, COUGH OR SNEEZE?   It starts with a red-faced, embarrassed, and disheartened client voicing their concerns about peeing their pants during workout. This is One of the MOST COMMON COMPLAINTS I hear from clients once they’ve had children. Ladies, this is more common…

How to Keep Your Head Straight Physically

  WHAT THE HEALTH IS UP WITH THIS PAIN IN MY NECK?!    Do you have a crick in your neck or constant tightness and pain?! We will address the common causes and give you some solutions to help prevent and help neck pain so you can Keep Your Head Straight! Check out this episode!

How to Keep Your Head Straight Mentally

WHAT THE HEALTH is up with ME NOT BEING ABLE TO TURN MY MIND OFF? Do you find it difficult to focus or get to sleep at night because your mind is constantly running 100 mph? Us too!! We will give you our top 3 ways to stay focused and stop the crazy train from…

Our Favorite Workouts!

  WHAT THE HEALTH?! ARE YOU DOING FOR A WORKOUT LATELY?    Need some inspiration or something different?  We will discuss our very FAVORITE workouts right now and why we love them so much!  Check out this episode!

Bad to the Bone – Diet Flops

  WHAT THE HEALTH?! IS THE PROBLEM?   Do you eat late at night? Do you Finish your kids’ plates? Do you Feel guilty after eating? Are you HANGRY all the time? Then this episode is for YOU! Check out this episode!

Top 8 Exercises You Can Do without Equipment

  WHAT THE HEALTH?! ARE THE BEST EXERCISES I CAN DO AT HOME?   Making exercise accessible and fun will help ensure we do it! This episode covers our top 8 most effective exercises you can do with NO EQUIPMENT. This list of our favorites will ensure you get a challenging, total body workout that…

Which Comes First? Diet or Exercise

  WHAT THE HEALTH?! IS MOST IMPORTANT TO FOCUS ON FIRST? DIET OR EXERCISE?   Trying to change too much too quickly is a sure-fire way to burn out and quit before ever reaching your goals. Do you ever feel overwhelmed when faced with trying to start BOTH an exercise and nutrition program? In this…