My Favorite Breakfast Recipe – Egg Oatmeal ~ Video

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to share that my little chickadees have finally started laying eggs for me. Today I’m going to share my favorite breakfast recipe with you – egg oatmeal. 

To start, I have my oatmeal prepped and cooked part way for just about 2-3 minutes. Next, take 2 eggs and crack them on top of the oatmeal. Then, pop the oatmeal back into the microwave, and cook it for another minute. Look inside the microwave while it’s cooking, you want to see the oatmeal bubbling over the top of the eggs. This will help cook the eggs. When it’s finished, take the oatmeal out and stir it right away. You will get a soft yolk but cooked whites, which I prefer.

I always use whole grain oats, and the brand I like is Bob’s Red Mill whole grain rolled oats. You will have to cook them longer than instant oatmeal. You could also use steel cut oats but the cook time will be significantly longer.

For this recipe, I use about a half of cup of oats and ¾ cups of water. I cook the oatmeal about half way, then crack my eggs on top, add salt and pepper, and cook for about another minute until the oatmeal bubbles over the eggs. Then you simply take them out stir right away and enjoy!

I hope you will enjoy my favorite breakfast recipe – egg oatmeal; a nutritious, super quick, and easy breakfast that will stick to your ribs until lunch.

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