What to Look For in a Healthy Cooking Spray

Although cooking with oil is not necessary most of the time, there are times where you do need it. Now, remember my three rules on oil. It has to provide a function, it has to provide flavor, or it has to provide nutrition to use it.

Some important things to look for are: higher smoke point, oils that are organic, unrefined, and cold pressed. Anything with soy in it is definitely a no. You do not want soy.

Coconut oil has a higher smoking point heat index than olive oil and it doesn’t taste weird. Sometimes olive oil doesn’t necessarily taste good on what you’re cooking. Coconut oil loses the flavor of coconut after it’s been heated up to 180 degrees. It’s not going to taste like coconut unless you want it to. That makes it a nice option.

There are many cooking sprays out there that are just not healthy and it can difficult to choose the right one.

Join me as I share with you:

  • What is my favorite cooking spray and why
  • Which oils are best to avoid and why

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