Help Me to Help You. What do you want to see in 2019?

Hello and Happy New Year everybody. I am so excited to wave goodbye to 2018 and say hello to 2019. 2018 was amazing and fun. There was a lot of growth and challenges that set us up for amazing things this year!

I am in the midst of planning content, new nutritional and exercise packages, tips, and videos for 2019. My cookbook is going to be out this Spring, and I am creating new cooking videos for it.

While brainstorming, it dawned on me that instead of guessing what you may want to learn more about this year, I should ask you! I would love to hear from you so that I can give you the content you want and need most.

What do you guys want to see this year?

What things do you want to learn more about that will help you in your health journey? Exercise, nutrition, stress management, faith-based, cooking, instructional…?

Whether it’s in videos with more instructional videos on cooking, nutrition or exercise. Or even more things with stress management, which I’m certified in, and do have programs in place for. If you want more workshops or programs, webinars, different topics: give me a list of topics you want to see. You all can get as specific as you want because I would really love to know how I can better serve you, what I can do to give you the information you need desperately to help you in your health journey in a way that saves you time.  I recognize that healthy living information can be confusing and that you don’t have a lot of time to spend learning new skills. So, if I can add shortcuts for you guys by giving you the consolidated version and information in a comprehensive way that’s realistic and doable in a normal lifestyle approach, then I am excited to do that.

I’m asking you to guide me by letting me know exactly what you would love to learn and how you would like it presented. Please give me your feedback for what you want to see this year by, commenting below, clicking here to contact me, or by scheduling a call with me. I want to create content that is going to be useful and beneficial to you.

Please remember that I do these videos at least once a week. If you have not been watching my videos or have not yet subscribed to my blog, please subscribe; you can see all of the archives of blogs and past videos. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel where it houses all of these Facebook live videos and more. Also, if you want to leave me a message and contact me directly, click here. There’s free stuff for you guys and when you sign up: weekly newsletters and alerts like when the cookbook is coming out. You will also get alerted when a new blog post or video is available automatically.

A little bit about me…

Now, just a little bit about me and the services I offer. Some of you know me, but some of you don’t really know all the things that I can offer you. I’ve had a lot of people that I’ve known for years not realize I do diagnostic nutrition for example. So anyway, I have been certified in the fitness industry through group and personal training, aerobics, triathlon, CrossFit, nutrition, all sports nutrition, life coaching and more. I can do any kind of exercise program that you want. As far as nutrition goes, that’s my favorite; I love helping people with nutrition. The program I offer is a lifestyle, comprehensive program along with one-on-one daily nutritional counseling.

I also do diagnostic nutrition if you’re suffering from or recovering from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Because food is medicine, if you’re preventively eating nutritious foods and giving your body the things that it needs, then hopefully you won’t need prescription drugs at some point.

I also have several programs on how to eat out at restaurants. I have lots of clients who travel for work and must eat out frequently. So, I teach you the skills to be able to order and eat out while maintaining your health, a healthy weight, and a nutritious lifestyle.

I also offer grocery store tours where I teach you how to shop the store and let it do all of the work for you so you’re not cooking your life away. If you enjoy cooking or want to learn more about it, I also teach private healthy cooking classes for individuals and groups

Just a reminder that my cookbook comes out in February/March. Signup for my free Smoothie Recipe e-book, and you will then be automatically subscribed to my blog and will also receive more information on my cookbook release-date and ordering information. I’m so excited about that.

I also wrote another book, Fitness, Food, Faith.  that came out last year. You can grab your copy of it on Amazon and get tips and tools to help you with fitness, nutrition, and emotional/spiritual health.

All of my programs, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, life coaching, emotional, spiritual or stress management, all of them are comprehensive. They all work together and build on each other so there are no conflicting ideas. If you buy into one program, it is going to relate to something else if you decide to do more later down the road. Eventually, you will have this big comprehensive education that you understand and can make work for you for life.

My ultimate goal is to give you the knowledge, skills, tools, and the empowerment that you can continue to apply on your own. I’m around for accountability in the beginning phases, and that (along with the information and tools) is what you’re paying me for. We go through the program together every day, step-by-step, for at least 30 days. I’m the only program out there where you actually have access to the coach all day, every day, for 30 days minimum. 

Give me your feedback…

You are my best resource for guidance on what topics need to be out in the world for you. Please help me to help you by giving me your feedback for what you want to see this year by: commenting below, clicking here to contact me, or by scheduling a call with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

I hope you have an awesome new year and look forward to all the changes that we’re going to make together.

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