How to Meal Prep Without Getting Bored

Meal prepping is a great way to save time and stay on track to meet your goals by preparing your healthy food in advance. A lot of people that meal prep prepare a protein and vegetables, divide them into containers and then eat the same thing everyday. Eating the same few foods, day after day, can get old pretty quickly. And once you feel like you’re stuck in a salmon-and-steamed-broccoli rut, you may lose interest in meal prep altogether.

Too much variety will slow you down and make meal prep feel tedious. Instead, stick to one base (like chicken) that you can add different sauces and vegetables to keep things quick.

Here are some ideas to flavor your own base, meal-prepped ingredients:

  • “Mexican” inspired: salsa, avocado, chipotle powder, chili powder,
  • “Asian” inspired: sesame oil, coconut aminos, fresh ginger, scallions
  • “Italian” inspired: tomato sauce, garlic, mozzarella, oregano, basil
  • “Greek” inspired: dill, greek yogurt, feta, lemon, garlic, oregano

By mixing, matching, and repurposing, your healthy meals never have to get boring and you can stick to your goals longer.

Watch my video below to meal prep effectively and make the most of your budget and time while keeping variety in your food.

Get ready to learn:

  • How to use one base to make meal prep quicker
  • How to embrace herbs, spices, and flavors to keep variety in meals
  • The meals I prep to last all week without getting bored

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