Coconut oil can be used for a variety of things, including cooking, cosmetics and skin treatments.

Here are the most frequently asked questions I get about coconut oil.

Is coconut oil supposed to be solid?

Coconut oil is a food that changes from liquid to solid easily; when it is above about 72-75 degrees F it becomes liquid and transparent, when it is below about 70 degrees F coconut oil starts to turn to a white solid state.

Is it safe for coconut oil to go from solid to liquid and back again?

No need to stress over preserving the liquid or solid state of coconut oil. The quality and characteristics of coconut oil remain the same, whether liquid or solid. Heating and cooling virgin coconut oil does not alter its characteristics or decrease its beneficial effects on the body.

Transitioning between a solid and liquid state multiple times also does not coconut oil’s shelf life. Watch my video below to learn more.

How do I store coconut oil?

Coconut oil is stable for shelf or pantry storage. It can also be stored in the fridge or freezer, but it makes the oil so hard that it becomes very difficult to use. Pantry storage is best for scooping and spreading; transitioning between a solid and liquid state multiple times does not affect quality or shorten coconut oil’s shelf life.

The only important thing to note is that coconut oil must be protected from direct sunlight.

How long does coconut oil last?

Coconut oil has a longer shelf life than many other oils due to its higher saturated fat content. Virgin coconut oil can last as long as three years before going bad. Refined coconut oil typically lasts about 18 months.

How to tell if coconut oil is bad, rotten or spoiled?

Always use your senses to determine if coconut oil has gone bad. There is a rancid smell to spoiled oil which you will notice when opening the jar. The white oil will also begin to turn slightly yellow in color.


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