4 Meals Using One Base and One Pot

Meal prepping is something we do a lot of and we like variety. I like to make a bunch of a base and then it can be twisted into a bunch of different meals. I’ve been using the Crockpot. This one meal base can be used to make four different meals.

The chicken I put on about lunchtime. It cooks three or four hours in the Crockpot and it is done for supper. I never put oil in the Crockpot. I literally put the raw chicken breast in the bottom and then season it with salt, pepper, and garlic. Keep it very simple. From there it can be turned into Italian, Mexican, Greek, Asian. If you keep your seasonings really simple with just salt, pepper and garlic, you can twist it a million different ways.

Meal number one was just a chicken breast, a baked potato, and a salad. Easy peasy, throw the potatoes in the microwave and for the salad, you buy the prewashed stuff and then you top it however you like.

Next, I’m going to shred the rest of the chicken. It’s not very complicated. It is actually a little bit easier if you do it when it’s still hot. But if you don’t shred it while it is hot, it still works just fine. Why do I shred the chicken? Because we’re going to make tacos for one of our meals and IT stretches the chicken into more meals than if you leave it whole. It is money saving that way too.

For the chicken tacos, I like to use soft corn tortillas. That’s going to be your healthiest option, but you can use what you want. If you want the crispy ones, you go right ahead. You’re living in your body, you eat what you want. If I want to spice it up a little bit, I add jalapeños. Guacamole, store-bought is fine, hot sauce, grated cheese, bagged lettuce that’s already shredded up are all good options to add and you’ve got tacos.

If I’m going to the trouble of dragging out one Crockpot, I’m going to drag out two. I’m going to go ahead and throw in some pinto beans and make a crock pot full of beans. I’ll have two Crockpots going. I got chicken in one, beans in the other.

For our Mexican themed night, our Taco Tuesday, we’ll have the pinto beans as a side. I can also repurpose those pinto beans and make some cornbread. Then we’re going to have barbecue sandwiches. I will take part of this shredded up chicken and put it in a bag for tacos and then we’ll put some of the other in a bag for the barbecue chicken.

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