What to Eat When It’s Too Hot to Cook

I’m not sure how summertime is for you guys – maybe you live in the northeast, where it stays cooler in the summer with less humidity, or maybe you live where it’s 80 degrees year round. But if your hometown is anything like mine, it’s in the triple digits now and turning on the stove and cooking a big meal is the last thing I’m interested in doing. I want to eat things that are easy, light, and require minimal to no cooking.

The key to surviving a hot kitchen is simple: spend the least amount of time in the kitchen as possible, and don’t use the oven unless you have to. Today, we are going to cover a quick and easy no-cook recipe that can be made in minutes.

Get ready to learn:

  • How to use the same ingredients to make different salads just by switching out your protein
  • How to add a lot of flavor without adding too much fat
  • How I choose the ingredients to make a complete meal with the proper macronutrient ratios

If you want to learn a really easy and simple recipe you can twist to your tastes, you’re going to love this video!

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