How Tastebuds Affect Your Sweet and Salty Cravings

Have you heard the saying, “You crave what you eat?” Well, guess what? It’s true! And it has everything to do with your tastebuds.

You’re born with tastebuds that lean predominantly to either sweet or salty. This is what affects your food cravings and the things you reach for when you’re hungry. Some of us more salty (think chips, queso and pretzels), while others have more of a sweet tooth (cakes and other “dessert” foods). Which camp do you fall into?

What you might not know is that your tastebuds go through a cycle that lasts approximately 45 days. At different points in this cycle, your cravings will either be more intense or weaker. I’m going to tell you how to use this cycle to your advantage to better manage those pesky cravings, achieve better balance and – believe it or not – get the best taste out of the foods you eat!

I can’t wait for you to watch this video and learn how to incorporate what you learn into your daily routine.

You’ll discover:

  • How a 14 day focus on better nutrition can make a significant improvement.
  • How the way you enjoy meals and snacks affects your digestion.
  • How artificial sweeteners interfere with how your food tastes.

If you want to learn how to control your cravings and enjoy food that tastes the way it’s meant to, you’re going to love this video!

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