Best Sunscreens for Sensitive Skin

With summer now in full swing it’s time to talk sunscreen! But what sunscreen should you choose? Now it seems there’s at least half an aisle in every grocery or drug store dedicated to different sun protecting lotions. SPF 15? 30? 100? Mineral? Spray? Cream? Waterproof? Water-resistant? What does it all mean and what is…
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Best Electrolyte Drinks And Powders

As you take your workout to the next level your body loses essential electrolytes, which can cause cramping, fatigue, and can leave you unfocused—making it harder to finish your workout. You need a way to replenish those electrolytes and stay on top of your training. When you hear the word “electrolyte drink,” you may think…
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Top 4 Ways to Beat Heat Exhaustion

The temps are high, and in many places so is the humidity. After an afternoon of running errands or working outside in the sweltering heat, you may find yourself exhausted with a banging headache wanting to sleep the rest of the day to recover. Heat exhaustion comes when the body cannot cool itself down enough to keep…
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It’s HOT. Really HOT! As I’m writing this article the temperature is 103° today. Living in West Texas we are used to triple digits during the summer months. We know to get as much of our outside chores and activities finished before the hottest part of the day. However, there are just some weeks when…
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What to Eat When It’s Too Hot to Cook

I’m not sure how summertime is for you guys – maybe you live in the northeast, where it stays cooler in the summer with less humidity, or maybe you live where it’s 80 degrees year round. But if your hometown is anything like mine, it’s in the triple digits now and turning on the stove…
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How Tastebuds Affect Your Sweet and Salty Cravings

Have you heard the saying, “You crave what you eat?” Well, guess what? It’s true! And it has everything to do with your tastebuds. You’re born with tastebuds that lean predominantly to either sweet or salty. This is what affects your food cravings and the things you reach for when you’re hungry. Some of us…
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How To Eliminate Hunger And Cravings

If you’re like me, you go through periods of feeling really hungry. You know how that goes. You just can’t seem to get enough food, yet you still crave more. This was me recently, and I knew I had to get it under control. Many things can contribute to these feelings of hunger, including nutritional…
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How To Choose Between Generic And Organic Canned Foods

Do you struggle with deciding when to buy organic foods and when to stick to generic? It can be tricky, and buying canned foods can be even trickier (especially during the winter when foods like tomatoes aren’t quite as fresh). Organic options are typically healthier, as they’re not treated with pesticides, additives, fillers and other…
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