What are Foods that Freeze Well?

Freezing is one of the easiest ways to make your groceries last—as long as you follow some basic rules: Cool foods before freezing, don’t refreeze after thawing, and wrap foods properly to seal out air and avoid freezer burn. Being able to rely on a stocked freezer full of your family’s ready-to-go staples requires a…
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Most Effective Exercise – Skipping

There’s a workout that doesn’t feel like exercise. It’s considered a total body workout, exercising major muscles and your heart. It’s skipping. Skipping offers many health benefits including improved muscle tone, coordination, balance and flexibility. It is kinder to your joints than running and can be done almost anywhere, anytime. In this video, I show you…
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Best Exercise for Weight Loss

I have been getting some questions lately about what is the best kind of exercise to do for weight loss or fat loss, which can be the same thing. I’m sure you’ll say my answer is a cheesy, cliche answer that you’ve heard before. But it’s true. The single best exercise there is, hands down, is the…
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